Purchasing or Not Purchasing Dog Food Merrick?

Purchasing or Not Purchasing Dog Food Merrick?

Providing high-quality food is a kind of responsibility for the pet owner. Nutritious food is the beginning of every great progress dogs will have; their health, activeness, as well as their intelligence. Therefore, choosing the right product is the very first step you have to take.

As for me, dog food Merrick has all the answers I seek from the best dog food. Its price to performance is also considered good in its class. Ingredients and price are indeed two main points when you deal with dog food, aren’t they?

Selected Ingredients

Merrick takes it seriously when it comes to ingredients. They do not include by-products meal in their dog foods. Instead, they rely on deboned chicken and chicken meal as their main sources of protein. Although the ingredients are premium, Merrick set an affordable price for all dog lovers to get connected to their products.

Good for Diet and Sensitive Stomach

If your dogs are on diet or have a sensitive stomach, dog food Merrick is a good deal. Even though their products are not totally grain-free, they are heading the way there. Dogs with allergies are also safe using this product.

Having minimum grains in the ingredients, you do not have to worry as another component has been prepared to fulfill the calorie needs for your dogs. Sweet potato that has high fiber is used as a substitute.

Dog Food Recall History

In spite of all the positive values Merrick offers, in the beginning, I set myself in doubt knowing that this brand has dog food recall history that cannot be considered good. In 2010 and 2011, the FDA announced that Merrick is potentially contaminated with salmonella.

However, 2011 is the last year where Merrick’s dog food recall ever recorded. The company has done something to deal with the issue. As a result, the brand is now having a clear history. As long as there is no other report on their brand, I personally believe there is no need to question recent quality on their products.

Having dogs with allergies or a sensitive stomach, lots of people might do trial and error on some products before they find the perfect one. I have been there before and stop on Merrick’s. This brand has offered a good solution for my dogs and for my wallet as well. That is why I will repurchase dog food Merrick.

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