Orijen Dog Food: The Best Dog Food Product Like & Dislike

If you are still in doubt about what commercial dog food products to choose, you can start with Orijen dog food. This brand does not achieve its fame without any great reason. Orijen puts merely premium ingredients inside its products. No wonder, it sets a quite high price for its high-quality dog food.

Pros of Orijen Dog Food

For dog owners around the world, the name Orijen has very loudly come to their ears. This brand offers many plus points other brands do not have. What are they? Here are the lists for you.

  • Safe products for grain-sensitive dogs

Orijen has announced that most of its products are grain-free. In other words, Orijen dog food has no wheat, rice, corn, and other grains in its products. It chooses organic ingredients to take roles. Even though grains are not included in their products, carbohydrate need is still fulfilled by other ingredients, such as kale, pumpkin, and carrots. Thus, if your dogs are sensitive to grains, this product is very suitable for daily consumption.

  • Good to be consumed by all dogs in any breeds

Orijen does not specify its products to certain breeds. All of the dog food made by Orijen are good to be consumed by dogs above 3 years old from any breeds. That way whether your dogs are Golden Retrievers or Dalmatians, Orijen is safe to consume.

  • Great products for dogs who are in diet

This brand develops the formula of its products by considering the natural diet of dogs. It emphasizes on putting high protein percentage yet keep the proportion in balance. Its protein sources also come in various meat; chicken, turkey, and other organs rich in protein.

  • Complete information of ingredients on the package

A complete list of ingredients is everything. By having detail content of dog food, pet owners are known whether the product is safe or not for their dogs. Orijen marks their plus point for providing this.

Cons against Orijen Dog Food

There is merely a minor complaint on Orijen’s ingredients. Premium quality inside Orijen’s products is admitted by the majority of the pet owners. Yet something to note on this brand is their availability and its price.

  • A quite hard access to the product

Some people feel that Orijen should make easy access for consumers to get access to their products. Not all pet stores have Orijen in them. Therefore, the easiest way is merely purchasing it online. It becomes an obstacle once dog owners are in urgent need of their dog food.

  • Expensive price of the products

Consumers have to pay quite a lot of money to get all the benefits from Orijen. Compared to other brands, Orijen indeed sets a higher price for their products.


Orijen is known for having high-quality ingredients and safe for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. For that reason, this brand achieves many 5 stars reviews and said to be the best dog food. However, you will have to allocate much money to get Orijen dog food products.