Is Dog Food Royal Canin Worth Your Money?

Is Dog Food Royal Canin Worth Your Money?

Choosing the best dog food for your lovely pets is essential. You surely want them to have nutritious food as that is the only way for them to grow well. Additionally, great food also ensures them to move actively.

Royal Canin belongs to one of the well-known food products for pets worldwide. So many people devote themselves as loyal customers of this brand in spite of its expensive price. Well, is this product worth your money?

By-product Meal

The best dog food is defined by the ingredients consisting in the products. As for Royal Canin, the top list of its ingredients is by-product meal. It is known as everything that is left from the slaughterhouse, from beaks to undeveloped eggs to feet.

Even though Royal Canin has clarified that merely by-product in high-quality is used in the process, the absence of specific detail of what is included in their by-product left a big question. Other brands using by-products, such as Fromm, listed chicken cartilage or chicken liver in detail on their ingredients. Then, why do not dog food Royal Canin do that?

Another issue to note is the fact that the by-product meal has a lower percentage and quality of protein compared to chicken meal. Relying on by-product meal to fulfill protein needs for your dogs is not truly a wise choice to keep. A brand with quite a high price as dog food Royal Canin makes by-product meal as their main source of protein: is it worth your money?


Grains are identified to occupy the top 5 ingredients in Royal Canin. Corn, corn gluten, as well as wheat gluten, mark the first 5 lists. While other grains indeed can be a good element in dogs’ diet, yet many nutritious experts unveil that these ingredients are not the grains for that purpose.

Corn, although having a positive value in energy, contains a low nutritious level for dogs. This issue goes the same to wheat. As for wheat gluten, it is the residue of the starchy material. That is why these components are not recommended by the experts to be included in dog food ingredients.

It is the best ingredient that ensures the overall health of dogs. Scanning the first essential element in Royal Canin, the ingredients, I choose not to invest my money on it. If only dog food Royal Canin includes more valuable content in it, their high price products will make more sense to me.

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