Best Pedigree Dog Food Review 2020

Pedigree Dog Food Review

Looking for the dog foods that are suitable for your dog? Maybe you’re thinking of trying Pedigree because it’s one of the most popular brands. Unfortunately, I won’t recommend dog food Pedigree for your canine friend because I’ve had unpleasant experiences with it.

Recall history

Pedigree products had been recalled in the past. In 2012 there’s a recall of three products due to potential choking hazard. While in 2014, there’s another recall due to possible contamination. All the products recalled are the dry foods. So, I’ve only tried Pedigree pouch dog food type.


The pouch dog food is better, but it uses chicken by-product as the main source of protein. It also contains pork liver and animal plasma as additional protein sources. Other ingredients are wheat flour, wheat gluten, beet pulp, and corn. In fact, corn is the main ingredient of the foods.

From the ingredient list, I already find the quality of this brand questionable. The nutritional value of the ingredients is not sufficient for my dog. Chicken by-product meal is a slaughterhouse waste which contains unwanted parts of chickens. One good thing is that it contains much higher protein than fresh chicken meat.

Moreover, it uses corn as the main ingredient. Corn is not necessarily bad. But, it may cause potential problems. Corn has the potential to cause allergies and skin issues.

From my own experience with my dog Coco, it didn’t go well. She has stomach problems with Pedigree and refuses to eat it. If your dog has sensitive stomach like mine, you need to look for better options.


Pedigree dog food is known as one of the most affordable options in the market. It’s cheaper than many other dog food brands. However, don’t be tempted by the low price because there are many problematic factors about this brand.

Final judgement

Pedigree is a popular and relatively cheap option. But, based on the ingredients alone, it obviously has a below-average quality. So, only use dog food Pedigree if you really don’t have any other choices. If you can afford it, you have to find better quality products.

Personally, I’d rather pay higher price for good quality food. I’ll never endanger my dog’s health, and I’m sure you won’t either.

Make sure to always buy the dog foods that contain good and nutritious ingredients only. Our dogs are our best friends, so they deserve the best.