Best 2020 Merrick Dog Food Review

Merrick Dog Food Review

Are you looking for the dog foods that are mostly meat-based? Then you might want to try dog food Merrick. I use Merrick with my Labrador and it’s good so far. Here’s my review.

Human grade

Merrick’s products use human-grade ingredients. So, it’s safe for human and canine consumption. I don’t want to feed my beloved pup something that can endanger me, and I know you don’t want to either!


Merrick dog foods mainly use beef as the main protein source. Another ingredient is pork meat. These two ingredients are very rich in protein.

Other ingredients are vegetables to supply fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. Some vegetables that are used are peas, chia seed, barley, and brown rice. Some products use grains to help with your dog’s digestive system, but there are also grain-free options.

Overall, Merrick is the best choice for a meat-based diet. Merrick dog foods have high meat and protein contents. The nutrient levels are higher than that of other dog food products. So if your dog is an athletic or working dog, this brand might be particularly suitable. My dog participates in agility contests, and she’s always fit thanks to Merrick.

Range of choices

Some dogs need grain-based foods for fiber and protein. Mine does, but I know friends whose dogs can’t eat grains. Merrick has both grain-based and grain-free options for dogs. Although Merrick only has 5 dog food product types, the choices available are already quite good.


Merrick has a reputation of having premium quality. However, in my opinion Merrick’s dog food products are still relatively more affordable than other high-end brands.

Recall history

Unfortunately, several Merrick dog food products had been recalled in the past. Three recalls happened in 2010 and 2011 due to potential contamination with salmonella. The most recent was in 2018, when it was also in the recall list for another potential contamination.

However, Merrick has a reputation as a premium pet food brand. So, they must have taken actions to prevent similar mishaps. Moreover, most dog food brands have had similar problems. I think it’s not fair to just completely disregard the brand for some isolated incidents. I’ve been using Merrick so far without any issues.

Final judgement

Merrick provides quality meat-based meals with good nutritional values. And I don’t have to pay much for it, which is a plus. All things considered; I definitely recommend Merrick.

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